Our CryptoDoggies project is actively raising charity funds and you can still participate by buying a CryptoDoggie on https://www.cryptodoggies.org where 50% goes straight to the charity pot.

CryptoDoggies made its first donation to the charity of $5,000 (euro 4,108.17) last week. This was a donation made to PoolseAsielHonden, a small polish shelter that removes dogs from a high-kill private shelter in Wojtyszki in order to treat them and prepare for a transition to their new, loving home.


Poolse asielhonden die een mandje zoeken (Facebook), is a non-profit organization, led by a charismatic Polish lady, Aleksandra, who helped thousands of dogs escape from one of the worst private shelters in Poland (Wojtyszki) by connecting them with Dutch people who are willing to adopt mostly older dogs.

Wojtyszki (a terrible private shelter in Poland) is known infamously for keeping approximately 3,500 dogs in big stalls of 60–80 dogs each, where food is thrown on the floor and dogs have to fight for it (apparently they get food every 2 days so many of them are underfed), they don’t get appropriate treatment when they’re sick and they’re not even taken for walks (as there are too many dogs and only a few volunteers are let in). It is a real hell and the owners of Wojtyszki have no interest in finding homes for the dogs since they receive money for each dog from the municipality. Many dogs disappear or are put to sleep which is sorrowful.

Aleksandra founded Poolse AsielHonden. Her aim is to remove the dogs from Wojtyszki, treat them and prepare for adoption so they can find their forever home as fast as possible. With our help she will be able to create more stalls and help more dogs at the same time. The most money is needed for food and medical expenses (major operations are done in Poland since it is cheaper than Netherlands).

Working with Poolse AsielHoden is especially close to my heart since that’s where we found our awesome dog, Barney!


I & Ania adopted Barney, via PoolseAsielHoden, this lovely dog who had been in the shelter for 4 years was on the kill list as the shelter was full. Barney is the best dog we could ever wish for and I’m super happy he got out of the shelter and is here with us.

When we started the CryptoDoggies project and knew we wanted to give a large portion of revenues back to the community, the first thing that popped into my and Ania head was that we would love to support the shelters all around the world and honor people who often dedicate their lives to do so.

Since the charity organization PoolseAsielHonden is such an integral part of the story of CryptoDoggies it’s only fitting that they are our first donation.


Donating Cardano to a crypto charity is challenging, in this case, the Charity was open to setting up a Cryptocurrency Wallet but did not have enough time to do so.

We chose to make a donation via their European bank address, this involved converting Cardano to Euro and donating via the bank transfer.

Exactly 2873 Cardano was exchanged into Euro on May 11th when the exchange rate for ADA was roughly 1.74$ to convert Cardano into Euro a fee must be paid, we ended up paying 14euro, this is roughly 0.35% which is a reasonable fee (it’s less than 0.5%)

The remaining 4108.17 euro was withdrawn to my bank account and then donated via bank transfer to Alexandra.

They shared on their Social Media account that they’ve received the donation a few days later ( https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3067607776802721&id=2262678620628978 )


Currently the donation is going towards two projects, the first is immediate veterinary costs for three dogs.

They’ve been taken to the vet after the donation and are recovering.

The second project is to build a winter shelter for some of the older dogs. It’s being built right now, currently the dogs sleep outside.

The winter shelter to be build soon. Below you can see the start of the foundation for it.


I want to thank everyone who has partaken in the sale of CryptoDoggies that started last week — you’ve helped raise these funds.

Recently we voted for the next donation and the community has chosen Bone Voyage in Mexico.

You’ll hear more from us in the future about working with Bone Voyage.

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