Introducing CryptoDoggies

Today, we are live with Announcing cute and adorable collectibles available on Cardano as NFTs.


We’ve been involved with the crypto space for a few years and decided that this year we make a project that helped out the crypto community and also get involved with a charity.

We’ve watched the rise of bitcoin, ethereum and other projects. After learning about the smart contracts coming to Cardano that was it for us, we knew this project has real booming potential.


CryptoDoggies are ultra cute doggies. There is a total of 10,000 unique crypto doggies ideal for collecting, or just trading for fun. Each doggie is a unique combination of a breed, its emotion & face, and a set of equipment.

Here is an example of a cute Dachshund holding the Cardano Flag that some of you will eventually own:

The best part, is that while participating users also help save real world dogs. Keep reading to find out how.

Why Doggies

One of our team members, Jake, is a huge dog lover. After adopting his first dog, barney last year he thought, “man dogs are the best, lets make collectible dogs”.

Barney is awesome, check out how cute he is.

We wanted to take some of that cuteness and apply it to all 10,000 of our collectibles …

What are NFTs

NFTs are Non-Fungible-Tokens. Each token (NFT) we created are truly unique — non-repeatable. Owner of a token certifies ownership of the underlying data it contains. In our case, the Crypto Doggie! The tokens are tracked on the blockchain that cannot be manipulated.

Shortly, when buying our CryptoDoggie you receive a unique token on your blockchain wallet that represents the ownership. The blockchain itself protects and guarantees your ownership of a unique CryptoDoggie. Pretty neat and geeky stuff. Read more on Wiki.

Why Cardano

NFTs are associated with Ethereum. Most people I ask online what is NFT, the response is: this is an Ethereum feature that is not available on Bitcoin.

Well, they are absolutely ignorant and wrong. Even worse, is when NFTs are associated with high costs (around $180 per NFT) and carbon emission

Our mission is to demonstrate NFTs can bring a positive change into the world, and Cardano blockchain is a logical pick.

  • Cardano’s mission to reduce inequality aligns with ours — save less fortunate dogs
  • Creating NFTs on Cardano is carbon free (because Cardano is Proof of Stake blockchain), and costs less than a dollar.

Charitable donations

We adopted barney from a shelter, we were super happy to rescue him, he was on the death list at the shelter.

By giving him a happy home we were able to save a dog, our mission is to allow you to save a dog too, every purchase of a CryptoDoggie will have half the proceeds donated to charity!

We’ve picked some awesome charities but we want to know more from you, come check out our upcoming vote about which charity to partner with in Discord and Telegram.

How to get yours

Our sale is coming up soon, the process of purchasing will be as user friendly as current Cardano blockchain permits. You’ll simply need to:

  • Press a Buy button on the main page
  • Transfer the exact requested amount to the provided address
  • Stay on the page until transaction confirms and see your new CryptoDoggie

We’ll be posting a video demonstration of this process later in the How To Buy section of the website.

Community driven tools

We’ve set up our presale platform to be fluent and fun experience for users. We will completely open source this after our launch and help others with instructions on how to get their project launched in a similar manner.

After integrating with Cardano we learned a lot and sharing it with the community makes us really excited.

Trading, the future

The presale is just step one, we have some super exciting ideas about being able to trade Cardano NFTs on our website.

The ability to trade is still in progress, but we’ve mapped out the roadmap for how to let you trade CryptoDoggies ( and possibly other NFTs on $website. )

Of course you’ll also be able to trade in the discords you know and love.

Where next

Check out our discord, Check out our twitter, check out our telegram

Check out our website.

Crypto Doggies NFTs on Cardano Blockchain