Our CryptoDoggies project is actively raising charity funds and you can still participate by buying a CryptoDoggie on https://www.cryptodoggies.org where 50% goes straight to the charity pot.

CryptoDoggies made its first donation to the charity of $5,000 (euro 4,108.17) last week. This was a donation made to PoolseAsielHonden, a small…

We are super excited to announce the sale of 9,000 unique crypto doggies this Saturday.

That’s right the sale of CryptoDoggies is going live this Saturday, May 8th:


11 AM ET


11 PM GMT+8

We are hard at work to make everything happen for…

Today, we are live with cryptodoggies.org. Announcing cute and adorable collectibles available on Cardano as NFTs.


We’ve been involved with the crypto space for a few years and decided that this year we make a project that helped out the crypto community and also get involved with a charity.



Crypto Doggies NFTs on Cardano Blockchain

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